Security and safety mirrors are commonly used by hospitals, warehouses, retail establishments, and parking lots/garages to either hide security cameras or increase the visibility and safety in a given area.

Flush mount, swivel mount, drop-in, roundtangular, and domes are the most common security mirrors that our customers rely upon to monitor traffic flow or employee productivity.

Convex or Roundtagular Mirrors

  • Convex Security Mirror From Brossard MirrorsThese give a 160 degree viewing angle and are all fashioned with swivel mounts.
  • Hardboard or steel back options are available

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Dome Mirrors

  • Large Dome Mirror Sold By Brossard MirrorsDome mirrors are perfect for blind corners, intersections, and entrances/exits.
  • Depending on your application we can direct you whether to use a half, quarter or full dome mirror.
  • Hardboard and steel back options are available.

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Drop-in Mirrors

  • sCeilingmThese mirrors are typically used in place of a ceiling tile.
  • Drop in mirrors can house cameras or can be used to monitor the activity directly below the mirror.

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