About Us

Since 1950, Lester L. Brossard Company has been a leading manufacturer of convex traffic mirrors for safety and security. Brossard KLEAR-VU CONVEX MIRRORS® and ALL-VU DOME MIRRORS® are the original line of high quality convex safety mirrors and convex security mirrors approved and recommended by industrial engineers.

Brossard – Quality Mirrors Built to Last

  • Quality construction for long, trouble-free service.
  • A variety of sizes and configurations to meet virtually any requirement.
  • Easy to install; easy to maintain.
  • Brilliantly clear reflective surfaces
  • Prompt delivery.
  • Application assistance available upon request.

Brossard Mirrors Prevent Accidents

Strategically-placed Brossard Mirrors can:

  • Prevent both vehicular and foot traffic accidents.
  • Help you meet OSHA safety requirements.
  • Allow for monitoring of assembly lines, conveyors, robotic systems, and other industrial production operations.
  • Reduce pilferage and vandalism in retail stores.